I’m Bond Lammey. I am passionate about Prospect Research, or more broadly, Prospect Development. I’ve lived in Illinois my whole life (most recently, I was in Chicago for 15 years) but just moved to Virginia. I travel all over the country to work with different nonprofits on questions, challenges, and opportunities related to prospect development. If you don’t know what that is, you can read more about what I’ll be doing here: http://www.bwf.com/who-we-are/team/bond-t-lammey/ or see more about what prospect development is here: http://joshbirkholz.com/post/23040759830/why-integrated-prospect-development-is-here-to-stay (disclaimer: that last link is to my boss, Josh Birkholz’s blog. I did a quick online search to just find a definition of prospect development and didn’t find anything else that really looked helpful; drop me a note if you’ve got other links to share).

My plan with this blog is to post my observations related to prospect research and/or development, or interesting travel stories since I’ll be going all over the place. Sometimes these two topics will intersect; sometimes I’ll post about one or the other. I’ll probably end up posting pictures of my cats, too, mainly because I think they’re so darn cute. Sorry in advance.


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