Happy new year! By now, I’m sure you all have had a chance to enjoy your time off and are getting settled back into your regular routines. I really enjoyed the break – I didn’t travel for two full weeks! That gave me a chance to get settled into my new home even more. Like many people, I took the opportunity at the end of December to reflect on just how much has changed in my life this past year. Pardon the cheesy metaphor, but I feel like I’ve undergone a transformation. The picture at the top of this blog entry is of my adorable niece. She’s a fan of wearing animal costumes. The picture of her spreading her butterfly wings seemed appropriate for this post.

Then, while I was in mid-reflection, thinking about all the changes 2013 brought, I saw this commercial:

Guys, this is a video for tax software. Tax software! Very impressive. It makes me feel good about my life. John C. Reilly really wants me to feel special about all of the things I accomplished. Suddenly, having to locate all of the receipts from my cross-country move becomes a milestone, not a chore. In 90 seconds, TurboTax has managed to transform a universally-hated activity into a process that helps me reflect back on the previous year and see just how far I’ve come.

Did this video resonate with you, or am I the only sap that teared up over TurboTax?



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