Week Eleven: Home

Last week I started in Ohio finishing up my mega-trip (my seat belts revelation week). I got to spend a day and a half at home before heading out again to Lexington, Kentucky to speak at the CASE Kentucky Conference. Lexington was fun! I went with some new colleagues to a place called Parlay Social, which featured an excellent live performance of two dudes playing classic rock tunes. I did some research to discover that the guitar player was Ben Lacy, guitar virtuoso. Try to watch this guy without being impressed:

The conference was great- I learned a lot about the various colleges in Kentucky. Did you that Morehead State University has one of the best aerospace programs in the country? Me neither, but they do! Look at this place! I also sat in on a philanthropy panel moderated by my colleague, Jennifer McDonough. It was really fascinating to hear donors talk about their motivations to give and their experiences being stewarded. They also developed a nice banter together, which was fun to watch. Here’s a picture of the session:

phil panel

As I left Kentucky, the airport shuttle driver asked me where I was from. This has become a complicated question for me to answer given my recent move. Since we had time, I gave him the full answer to the question, with all three options (my hometown of Normal, IL; Chicago, where I spent most of my adult life; and my new home, Chantilly, VA). Since I was headed from Lexington to option one, Normal, IL, to visit family, this question stuck with me, so I figured I’d try out a fancy new feature of this blog and ask my readers.


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