Week Nine: Noah’s Ark

Happy December, readers! I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Mine was delightful! My cousin (also my roommate) and his friend roasted a turducken and cooked a turkey. The turducken looked like this at the end:


Amazing. Anyway, I enjoyed several rare days in a row at home. I thought I would be home all week, but a last minute client trip came through that sent me back to… Oklahoma City!!! What is it with this job? Minneapolis twice, Seattle twice, now Oklahoma City twice (and with a different client this time). Maybe you don’t find this weird, but considering I’m not that many engagements in (if this job were a baby, I’d still be three weeks out from telling friends or family), it seems wild to be repeating cities so much.

This trip had me traveling on the Monday and Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving, and I transferred flights both ways. If you’re keeping count (which reminds me, I’ve updated my Vital Stats section with travel from Weeks Eight and Nine), that’s four flights and four airports for a two day engagement. Since my last couple of entries have been focused on the work aspects of my job, I’ll focus this entry on the travel part. I’d like to title this section “You Know You’re a Road Warrior* When.” You see where this is going. To be more specific, I could add “Lady” to that (You Know You’re a Lady Road Warrior When), but the qualifier is only necessary for a couple items on the list, and I think you are smart enough to figure out which items need it and which ones don’t. Okay, here we go!

You Know You’re a Road Warrior When:

-You’ve sprinted through the Atlanta airport in heels with less than 10 minutes in between flights at separate terminals.

-You refer to cities by their airport codes rather than their names.

-Every meeting you schedule has the time and relevant time zone listed in the location line.

-You know the waitstaff at your favorite restaurant in the Miami airport by name (this one was contributed by my buddy Flavio).

-You steal copies of Hemispheres because you want to show a client or a coworker an article you read.

-You covet luggage accessories and devices to charge your laptop/phone/Bluetooth headset more than you do clothes or fancy gadgets.

-You know what flights your coworkers or friends are taking based on their airline and departure/arrival airports.

-You have, and actively use, an eyebra (thanks, Trisha!).

-You have two of everything; one set that never leaves your suitcase.

-You think about flying to Chicago for a friend’s New Years Eve party because it’s only a two hour flight.

-You’re more likely to know what date it is than what day it is.

-Some of your best work gets done above 10,000 feet.

*I get that my references are primarily focused on air travel, but Air Warrior sounded weird. Is that a thing? If not, am I cool enough to create a new phrase? Time for a hashtag!



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