Week Six: Do Vampires Drink Coffee?

This week, I traveled to Seattle. If you’ve ever flown from one coast to the next, allow me to commiserate with you for a moment. Wow- that’s a long trip! I arrived in town at midnight Seattle time, which is an unthinkable time on the East Coast (I know you can figure it out, but please don’t tell me. I just told you it was unthinkable). Fortunately, I didn’t start the following morning until 9am, so I enjoyed a good nights sleep.

Unlike my previous engagements, where I was coming in at the middle of a project or wrapping things up on behalf of a colleague from BWF, this project is just getting started. And it is huge. We are developing and implementing a prospect development program with this client. What a great opportunity! I spent two solid days in interviews with various members of the team, filling my brain with tons of information and learning acronym upon acronym. I stared out the window at beautiful, tall trees like these:


If you’re from the Pacific Northwest or Northern California, I suppose these trees are nothing. But from a lifelong Midwesterner, these are some  serious trees.

Even holed up in a conference room for two days, I can say that the city known for coffee and rainy days did not disappoint me. On day two, I commuted to the client site in a torrential downpour. Upon arriving, the project manager made homemade lattes. He brought a fancy machine and everything. It might have been the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.

Due to daylight savings and my meeting-packed days, my exploration of Seattle would have to be in the dark. I enjoyed two wonderful dinners in town. On Wednesday night, I went to the Ballard neighborhood with a college friend. Since I saw her last, she’s completed seminary, moved across the country, and become a mom, so we had a lot to catch up on! We ate at a great French restaurant named Bastille. On Thursday night, I met my uncle and aunt for dinner (My aunt is kind of a big deal. She wrote a children’s book called How Dachshunds Came to Be; click here for more info. Additional aside: I just realized I know a lot of authors.) at Ivar’s Salmon House. Holy Smokes! This was a wonderful meal. When you travel a lot for work, it can get a little lonely. There’s nothing I needed more after the completion of two full days of work than a wonderful meal with my family. Ivar’s is great- the salmon was amazing, and the view of downtown and the space needle was incredible. However, since it was the company that made this dinner so special, here’s a picture of my uncle, aunt, and me before dinner:


I had a lovely trip, but look forward to enjoying some daylight hours on my next visit. Seattleites/frequent travelers: what should I make sure I see/do when I come back?


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