Week Four: Settling In


This week, I stayed put in DC/Virginia. If we’re looking at my week from a “glass half full” perspective, I learned a lot about my commuting options. If you look at it from the perspective of anyone who has ever commuted in the DC metro area, I spent an absurd amount of time in the car. Traffic in DC is awful, my friends. No joke. My dad is a transportation planner. The layout of this metro area has made him shed a tear on more than one occasion.

Aside from my commute, here are some highlights of my week:

-An indexed document management system. We have this thing called WorlDox where we load everything we’ve ever done, internally or for clients. It is great! You can search by author, client name, subject, document type, the list goes on and on. It’s a bit tricky to learn at first, but so worth it! I got added to a project on Tuesday and learned everything about it by Wednesday. I get that this may be the only thing more boring than traffic that I could write about, but I’m also making the assumption that if you are reading this you are a nerd, or you at least have nerd tendencies, so a document management system is something that might appeal to you.

-Being creative. It’s probably not a surprise that a big part of being a consultant is getting your name/brand out there (www.bondlammey.com, people!). As a result, I get to pitch lots of ideas for conference sessions and article submissions. I am a huge supporter of APRA and all of its related chapters, and it’s exciting to be able to partner with colleagues across the country on these efforts! Click here to take a look at my BWF page if you want to learn more about conferences I’m speaking at. Right now, there’s only one thing listed, but I think I’ll be adding to that list soon…

-APRA Metro DC. I attended a social event hosted by APRA Metro DC on Thursday night. What a great group! This was also fun because I got to venture to DuPont Circle. I stayed here this time last year, when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon (Oorah!) and hid from a hurricane! Thursday’s outing was much less eventful, but definitely enjoyable. I am now a member of APRA IL, MN, and Metro DC. Maybe I should try to collect chapter memberships…which one is next???


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